IJ.Start.Canon Setup

IJ Start Canon printers are the world's leading company in printers, cameras, scanners, etc. Various models are available in Canon printers. There are two types of Canon printer setups about the setup of canon printers. The first setup is wireless, the latest one, and the old one is a Wire setup of ij Canon printer. The latest model of Canon printer provides a Wireless setup for every device.

IJ.Start.Canon | Download & Install Ij Canon Printer Setup

And then the old one was wire setup, which means the setup of the IJ Canon printer using the USB cable to connect the Canon printer and the other device like PC, laptops, etc. If you are more eager to know about the setup of the Canon printer, then the following is the detailed information about the Canon printer setup wire and wireless;

Unboxing & Setup of ij.start.canon printer:-

Unboxing means opening the device or taking out the device from the box. Unboxing also means checking what we have got with the device. Also, remove the tapes and locks of the device. Following is the Unboxing of the Canon printer setup;

We get a Canon printer inside the box. Take out the printer from the pack. Now you will get a power cable with the printer. If your printer is a wired printer or manual printer, then you will get a USB cable with the printer. Or you will get a type of connector with the printer. After that, you will also get two cartridges with the printer. Now take the tapes from the printer. Then open the printer, flip, and insert the cartridges into the printer. After that, open the tray of pages and put the bunch of pages in the tray in alignment format. Here is the Unboxing or setup of ij.start.canon is successful.

 What to Do and Don't during setup of a Canon printer?

Following is the list of do's and don'ts while setup up the Canon printer;

  • First, the WPS connection must be on if you connect the Canon printer wirelessly.
  • For that, turn on the WPS button on the WiFi.
  • Don't turn off the WPS of the WiFi till the connection is going on or in process.
  • High-speed internet connection of the WiFi.
  • Use a device that is up to date.
  • The version of the device should be up to date.
  • Insert the cartridges before connecting the Canon printer with the WPS network.
  • For a LAN network connection, one must know the password of the SSID.
  • Without a password, the SSID connection is unsuccessful.
  • If you use a wire connection, keep in my nd that the wire must not have any cut on it.

ij.start.canon setup with WPS network:-

The WPS process is the WiFi router connection process. The user must have a WiFi router with a high-speed internet connection. Following is the process to set up the Canon printer using a WPS connection;


  • First, go to the router and press and hold the WPS button on the router.
  • Wait for 2 minutes and leave the button.
  • Now the WPS will be ON.
  • Then go to the canon printer and turn on the printer.
  • Then go to the screen of the Canon printer.
  • Now go to the settings of the printer.
  • In settings, select the network connection option.
  • Then go for a WPS network connection.
  • Now searching for the network will begin.
  • Select the nearby connection of WiFi.
  • And then, a successful connection message will be seen on the printer's screen.
  • That's it.

ij.start.canon setup with LAN network connection:-

The LAN network connection is the SSID type of connection. The connection requires a password. Following is the process of connecting the setup of the Canon printer using a LAN connection;

  • Turn on the printer first.
  • Then go to the printer's screen.
  • There go for setup option.
  • In the setup for Network servings.
  • In the network settings, go for LAN network settings.
  • And then, searching for a nearby LAN network will begin.
  • Then SSID network connecting will process.
  • Now enter the password of the SSID network.
  • And then, the connection will start.
  • That's it; the connection of the LAN network is successful.

Perform downloading of driver or setup of ij.start.canon:-

The driver is the central part of setting up the canon printer. Without a driver, the wireless setup of the Canon printer is impossible. Following is the process to download the setup for the Canon ij printer;

  • Now open the chrome browser or any other browser you use.
  • Then in the search tab, enter the website ij.start.canon.
  • Now the home page will open.
  • On the home page, select the Setup option.
  • The next page will open.
  • There enter the name or model number of your printer.
  • Or user can also select the printer's first letter of a serial number.
  • Then go for searching the driver.
  • Now select the Operating system of the device.
  • After that, follow the connection method shown on the screen.
  • And then click on the Download option.
  • Downloading of the driver will begin.
  • That's it; downloading the Canon printer driver will begin.

Perform Launching/installation of ij.start.canon setup or driver:-

Driver downloading from the website is successful. Now, installing or launching is necessary. Following is the process install the setup or driver of the Canon printer;

Windows installation:-

ij start

  • For Windows users, open the Downloads.
  • There you will find the driver setup of Canon.
  • Double-click on the setup.
  • Then click on the Run option.
  • Now tick in the Agreement and license box.
  • And then installation will begin.
  • After installation, connect the printer to the driver using a wireless connection.
  • And then install the remaining software for the driver.
  • That's it; installing the Canon printer driver for Windows is successful.

Mac launching:-

  • For Mac users, go to the downloads of the Mac device.
  • There double click on the setup.
  • Then Launch the setup.
  • Now verification of ID will open.
  • There enter the ID and password of the Mac device.
  • Now click on the Install software option.
  • Now the installation of the software will begin.
  • Then launching of the driver on Mac will begin.
  • After that, connect the Canon printer to the driver.
  • And then go for installation of other software for setup.
  • That's it; the setup launching of the Canon printer for Mac is successful.

Perform test print from Canon printer setup:-

Follow the steps below;

  • Open the software if you are new.
  • There click on the Test print option.
  • Now a page will open.
  • There give the command to move for a test print.
  • And then click on the Take a Test print option.
  • Now the Canon printer will process the print.
  • That's it, ij.start.canon setup is successful.